Hermes for TPS QA

Module Hermes supports treatment planning system algorithm performance evaluation supporting following use cases:

  • Quantitative comparison of calculated 2D dose matrices provides independent information about results calculated with different calculation options
  • Use Epiqa for continuing TPS QA by comparing equal calculations in the past and today, e.g. after TPS upgrade
  • TPS quality assurance testing by comparing calculation result obtained by different calculation algorithms, e.g. Acuros XB vs. AAA

1. Example of calculation matrix influence – comparison of the AAA algorithm results for calculation
matrix 2.5 (right) vs. 5 mm (left).

2. Example of calculation algorithm influence – comparison of the AAA algorithm results (right) and
PBC algorithm (left).

See Epiqa user experience on: Comparing two calculations

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Last update on 13. February 2018