Dynamic MLC QA

Verify dynamic MLC performance using classic tests recommended in the literature. Use Portal Vision dosimetry acquisition and Epiqa to evaluate results.

Leaf speed test evaluation

With Leaf speed test you can verify precise function of the MLC controller.  Each leaf pair travels with different speed resulting in band like dose distribution.  Comparing it with Eclipse calculation provides additional check of the whole IMRT system.

Picket Fence test evaluation

You can use the Picket fence test in dynamic mode using sliding window to position the 1 mm opening across the field. Comparing acquired dosimetry image for several gantry angles Epiqa allows for careful assessment of the MLC positioning during the IMRT delivery at any gantry angle.

Chair test evaluation *

With the Chair test you can verify MLC transmission factor (in the upper right zero dose region) and Dosimetric leaf gap values (in the lower region between the chair legs) defined in your the TPS Eclipse.

* The sliding slit test for dynamic IMRT: a useful tool for adjustment of MLC related parameters I Chauvet et al 2005 Phys. Med. Biol. 50:563

Last update on 26. March 2015